H. W.

Martii's energy is very loving, caring and soft. While holding her client in the beautiful divine energy, she does profound clearing of old energies and emotions. The healing session made me feel relaxed, and as the old energies were cleared, there was space for new inspirations. I felt the presence of Martii's beautiful energy with me days after the session. Definitely recommended!


C. B

I would recommend Martii and the Body Code! I love how Martii is so genuine, caring and calming. I loved that I didn’t have to “talk” about my past story and STILL get incredible healing! I had my 3 daughters who are 17, 19, and 23 years experience their own Body Code sessions and all of them have amazing results and feel better everyday.  Be a YES! to trying and trusting what the Body Code with Martii can do for your skeptical healing. 


H. S.

I had the pleasure of working with Martii remotely, and I was surprised by how much I of the process I could feel even Remotely!  Overall, I found the experience effective, valuable and interesting.    I would recommend Martii to people who are ready to clear past experiences and move forward in life. 

M. R. Q.


I have worked with a number of world-class healers. Most definitely Martii belongs in the upper echelon of that group! My experience working with her was profound, deep, quick and effective. I presented with a long-standing physical issue that I presumed was emotionally based. In just the first session, it cleared up completely. I distinctly felt the healing  even before our followup  conversation. Moreover, after each session,  Martii gave a thorough explanation of how and why the healing occurred. Very empowering!  Given Martii's wisdom and loving presence, one can trust the healing process, open to infinite possibilities for tremendous benefit, and go forward more "whole" than ever before. I could not more highly recommend her gifts! 


P. E. 

I had been dealing with a couple of issues- one was emotional eating and the other was a physical problem. After my Body Code session, I actually experienced a loss in appetite at first and then a more balanced approach to eating and food. My physical issue has also changed for the better. I am so grateful for Martii’s work, she is a powerful healer. Thank you Martii 


L. L.

I felt an immediate rush of joy and peace fill me up and I feel it daily weeks later. The Body Code healing reached father, deeper and higher than any healing I have ever experienced. I am a healer and have had many healings in my life. The Body Code healing was profound and the information that was given to me was 100% accurate in my life experiences. 


A. B.

The Body Code process moves through the entire body and Martii has a soothing voice that made me feel safe and relaxed.  Highly recommend. If anyone is bumping up against COVID-19 challenges or simply life obstacles, The Body Code with Martii will help open new, healthy pathways for discovery and joy!


J. B.

I found the experience: pain-free, simple and easy to understand and interpret. The session helped me to: understand the connection between my emotional/ mental blocks and my physical body pain. One thing I liked was: Martii's communication style, and her knowledge of the energetic bodies.  I would recommend Martii to people who need: a skilled, effective and mindful healer for any mind/body/spirit restoration to wholeness. 


L. K.

I had the honor of experiencing a Body Code session with Martii via Zoom. I didn't know what to expect, and found that I could feel the energy just as well as if we were in person! I was amazed by Martii's ability to test for the ailments being affected by my emotions and the insights learned about the source of emotions from my past. I felt a huge clearing and release, and have been able to move forward with much more awareness, clarity and high energy. Thank you dear Martii for providing this important energy work at this time!!


C. G.

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