EMF Protection


As I have become more aware of the importance of personal protections against all forms of EMF, I have found this company - DefenderShield - provides many tools and information to educate and protect you from "the invisible waves we cannot see".  I have purchased numerous products and am happy with the quality and testing that has been done! Click on this DefenderShield  link or image on left to see all products available.


I highly encourage you to research EMF's and then choose the necessary steps to protect yourself, family and friends from our continued upgrades in technology.

Here are a few highly recommended reference sites: EMF Academy and Environmental Health Trust.

QUICK TIPS to Protect Yourself:  


  1. Have a Wireless Router? Turn it off at night.

  2. Turn your cell phone off at night. If you use your phone as your alarm clock, be sure to put it in airplane mode to limit the amount of radiation it produces.

  3. When using your cell phone, put it on speaker phone or use a pair of headphones. Even better, use a pair of airtube headphones.

  4. Whenever possible, use an ethernet cable to your laptop or desktop computer instead of WiFi.

  5. Don't keep your cell phone in your pocket, the radiation in close proximity to your body can cause some very unwanted health effects.

  6. Have a baby in the home? Use a wired baby monitor instead of the popular wireless versions or video monitors.

  7. Whenever possible, replace wireless with wired. From phones in to home, to computers, wired is almost always going to be a reduction in radiation.

Be Well~


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