About Me

My "Journey" on this Earth has been an ongoing quest, full of discoveries and incredible experiences that have opened me up to realize my infinite potential. I have enjoyed traveling the world, embracing my spiritual and holistic training, and cherishing each and every moment.


I have witnessed - personally and through my clients - the incredible potential each of us has in our own re-balancing process. 


We support ourselves in being whole with our thoughts, our actions, our beliefs, and our lifestyle choices. Some of us experience well-being through our intake of whole foods, medicinal herbs, pure drinking water, exercise or spiritual practices such as meditation.


I personally support my sense of physical, emotional and spiritual well-Being by incorporating Sound, Energy, and Source Connection daily. These daily practices support the quieting of thoughts and relaxing the entire body. This sets up a field for healing on the deepest levels of one's being ... on a conscious, sub-conscious and cellular level.


I believe, as the image reads, that your "Experience" is indeed your greatest Teacher.


By remembering the essence of "Who You Really Are" will lead you down paths you can only imagine.


Enjoy Your Experience my friends...as you see what unfolds for you today!


  • Light Language

  • Certified Body Code Practitioner {CBCP}

  • Certified Emotion Code Practitioner {CECP}

  • Certified Reiki Level 1, 2 & Master Practitioner

  • Aromatherapy Foundations Cert.

  • Aromatherapy Adv. Applications Cert. ~ Stress / Pain Relief

  • Sound Healing Mastery Program (Level 1)

  • Spring Forest Qigong – Level 1

  • OMnium University–Energy Healing Practitioner  Levels 1-3,  Mastering the Human Mind {1 yr prog}

  • SA SAKHEM SAHU Reiki – Level 1


Memberships: ABMP

Practice Areas:

  • Physical Issues

  • Emotional Issues

  • Cancer Support

  • Transitioning

  • Spiritual Support

  • Guided Meditation